Webflow Pricing Explained - What is the right plan for you?


Understanding Webflow’s pricing can be difficult. With more than 12 plans to choose from, choosing the right plan for your project or business might be tricky. So we’re breaking down Webflow’s pricing system to help you make an informed choice on which Webflow plan will best serve your needs.

Webflow’s pricing is broken down into two categories of plans: namely, Site Plans and Workspaces. Simply put, Site Plans are hosting plans and enable you to connect a website to a custom domain. These sites are hosted by Webflow and vary in storage and traffic limits. Workspaces, formerly known as Accounts, allow you to build your website using Webflow. Workspaces allow you to work on multiple projects and stage your websites to share with clients. 

Is Webflow free? Can I publish my website for free?

Webflow offers a free Site Plan and Workspace designed to help you learn the platform and system. The free Site Plan will let you publish a website using the webflow.io domain, but if you are after a custom domain you will need to buy a Site Plan.

Likewise, the free Workspace plan is ideal for those needing to learn their way around using Webflow to build websites. 

Is Webflow expensive?

The short answer is that Webflow is not expensive. While the monthly or annual costs of a Site Plan and Workspace can seem daunting, Webflow prices are all-inclusive and include no hidden costs. 

Where other development tools offer free or very cheap plans, the price of adding more advanced tools to your website, more storage, and the ability to handle higher traffic is often over and above your plan price and therefore drives up your total spend. 

For example, one of Webflow’s largest competitors, WordPress, on the surface, appears cheaper than Webflow. However, anyone familiar with WordPress knows that to add functionality beyond a basic level, you will likely need premium versions of plugins and themes. These are paid for individually, adding up to a much larger amount spent on building a website than an all-in-one solution such as Webflow.

So, when asking yourself “how much does a Webflow website cost?” you can rest easy knowing the price you see on your screen is what you will pay - there are no hidden costs or later additions.

Webflow Pricing Plans

Site Plans

These are hosting plans provided by Webflow and they allow you to connect to a custom domain. Webflow has eight Site Plan options under the General and Ecommerce categories.

General Site Plans

Free Site Plan

Within this plan you will be able to publish a website on Webflow’s webflow.io subdomain. This site can have up to 50 CMS records and 50 form submissions over its lifetime. Additional forms can be added at a cost of $1 for every 100 forms submitted. 

Basic Plan

This is the most basic paid-for hosting option on Webflow. It is $14 a month if billed annually and allows you to connect to a custom domain. You are allocated 50GB of bandwidth and your site can handle 500 form submissions a month. 

CMS Plan

Under the Webflow CMS Plan, your site is allocated 200GB of bandwidth and you are able to collect up to 1000 form submissions a month. You are allowed up to 2000 records in your CMS database. You have the ability to grant access to three guest editors. 

Business Plan

At a cost of $39 a month when billed yearly, and offering you much larger bandwidth at 400GB, this is the best plan for a website expecting to see high traffic. With up to 10 000 records in your CMS database, and allowing 2500 monthly form submissions, the Business Plan will be able to handle large numbers of unique daily visitors. You are also allowed up to 10 guest editors.

Enterprise Plan

For a totally customised plan to meet your needs and traffic, Webflow will allow you to create an Enterprise Plan that best suits you.

Webflow Ecommerce Pricing

Standard Ecommerce Plan

Under this Standard Plan you are allowed to add up to 500 items for sale including all products, variants and categories. A 2% transaction fee, over and above that added by Stripe or Paypal, is added in this Standard Plan. You are granted a $50 000 annual sales volume limit. This plan also gives you access to everything included in the CMS Site Plan. This plan costs $29 a month when billed yearly.

Plus Ecommerce Plan

Under the Plus Plan there is nothing added to your transaction fees by Webflow. This plan allows for $200 000 annual sales volume and also includes access to everything in the Business Site Plan. The Plus Plan costs $74 a month, billed annually.

Pro Ecommerce Plan

Best suited for large ecommerce businesses, this plan has no limit for sales volume and allows up to 15 000 ecommerce items. Included with this plan are all the features in the Business Site Plan. The Pro Plan costs $212 a month if billed annually.


Under the Workspace banner, Webflow offers seven plans of varying cost and abilities. First, there are four options for in-house teams. This is best suited for companies with teams of developers and designers looking after their website. The second category, freelancers and agencies, is best suited for those developers who have multiple clients.

All Workspaces automatically come with the following items:

  • Unlimited hosted sites
  • Ability to upload custom fonts
  • Customised client billing
  • Basic staging capabilities
  • More than 100 free templates
  • Global fonts
  • Reusable elements

Starter Plan

This is a basic free option. In this Workspace, you are given a single seat. This is the spot occupied by a team member in your Workspace. The Starter plan gives you two unhosted sites - these are sites that can be published to webflow.io subdomain. This plan is free forever, you do not need to worry about providing credit card details up front or temporary trials running out. 

Core Plan

This plan costs $19 per seat a month (when billed yearly) and provides you with three seats and the option of 10 unhosted sites. Under the Core Plan you have the ability to add custom code and script to your site. The Core Plan allows you to export clean HTML and CSS files. 

Growth Plan

The Growth Plan costs $49 per seat per month when billed yearly. In this plan you are allowed up to nine seats and an unlimited number of unhosted sites. The Growth Plan also gives you the ability to control on a site-by-site basis which teammates can publish.

Enterprise Plan

This option is best suited for businesses wanting full access to Webflow’s capabilities with unlimited seats and unhosted sites. For more information on Webflow Enterprise pricing, we recommend you contact Webflow directly who will customise your plan for you.

Freelancer Plan

Costing $16 per seat a month if billed yearly, the Freelancer Plan gives you access to up to three seats and allows 10 unhosted sites on webflow.io subdomains. On this plan you are given full CMS access on unhosted sites, allowing you to build sites using Webflow’s advanced CMS functionality. 

Agency Plan

This plan costs $35 per seat a month billed yearly and, similar to the Freelancer, gives you access to Webflow’s full CMS functionalities. The Agency Plan allows up to nine seats and unlimited unhosted sites. You will also have the ability to control which team members can publish to production. As with the Freelancer Plan, the Agency Plan allows you to grant access to guests. 

Granting Guest Access

Most recently, Webflow has added the functionality to allow developers using a Freelancer or Agency Plan access to a client’s Workspace, for free! This means that clients and developers do not need to share login details in order to have access to the project. It also means you do not have to pay for extra seats each time you have a new person working on the project. This new function is available to customers on any Workspace Plan, provided the person they are inviting as a guest is on a Freelancer or Agency Plan. Future developments from Webflow will include the ability to grant these guests access to certain projects only, further streamlining the client-developer relationship.

What Is The Right Webflow Plan For Me?

The beauty of Webflow is that there is no shortage of options to suit your needs. For those just starting out, the free Site Plan and Workspace will allow you to learn your way around the system.

For small businesses or for a new business that is still growing its customer base, the Basic Site Plan or Standard Ecommerce Plan for sales is ideal. This will allow your website to handle an adequate volume of traffic for your needs. 

Medium-sized businesses should opt for the CMS or Plus Ecommerce Site Plans, which will best match their growth. Large businesses, and those handling a large number of enquiries should consider the Business SIte Plan or Pro Ecommerce Plan. These are ideal for companies fielding large volumes of sales, or content-rich sites such as a blog or news site.

For developers, Webflow’s Workspaces provide an array of options on which to work. The Starter Plan is ideal for someone trying Webflow out for the first time who needs to get a sense of the platform and its capabilities. The Core Plan is ideal for small teams who want to have more control over their website design. The Growth Plan is perfect for larger teams who need more advanced permissions and are working on more projects.

Freelancers and agencies are directly catered for and will find the Freelancer and Agency Plans sufficient for their needs.

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December 8, 2022