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BOOST is a London-based Webflow agency creating compelling digital products for brands in the Tech space.  As a UX UI agency, we’re experts in UX and UI design, and the principles of these critical disciplines inform every project we work on, driving performance and results.

what is ux design?

User Experience Design (UX) is a human-first approach that puts the user at the centre of the design process.  Before we even begin to consider the cosmetic look of a website, we’ll explore in detail all the potential interactions that will shape a user’s experience of the product. Designing from the user experience perspective and using best-practice Information Architecture (AI), we create intuitive navigation and logical user journeys.

At BOOST, we collect and organise everything needed for website development within FlowMap, our preferred UX platform. Utilising FlowMap’s collaborative tools, we develop a Sitemap and User Journey and create each web page in a Wireframe format – ahead of planning the page hierarchy.

What is UI design?

Following on from completing the UX design stage of a project, user interface design (UI) focuses on the points of interaction between the user and the website. While the prime objective of UX design is to optimise the effectiveness of a product and the quality of the user experience, UI design is concerned with the aesthetics, styling and interactivity of the visual elements a user will encounter on their journey.

Why are UX & UI design important?

Incorporating UX and UI design into the development process will ensure your project is not just a stunning-looking digital product – but will be effective in achieving the objectives you set. The UX stage will produce a blueprint to guide us when we begin building the website.

It will set out details, including the pagination structure, how users are to be directed and flow around the site, and the key actions you want users to take at each point on their journey (for example, sign-up to a newsletter, download a PDF, complete an automated email enquiry form or get in touch by phone).

The UI stage will make sure all aspects of the visual design move users naturally towards the actions you want them to take.

Who do we do UX & UI work for?

Tech | SaaS | Marketing | Fintech | Blockchain | Start-ups


UX UI Process

ux workshop

We kickstart the project with a UX workshop. Your key stakeholders sit down with the BOOST team, and we discuss all aspects of the brief in-depth. As well as wanting to gain a detailed understanding of your business proposition and brand positioning, the marketplace you operate in and your competitors, we’ll want to get clarity on your target audience, their wants and needs, and establish clear project goals


The sitemap is the stage in the process where we define the overall scope of your website, decide how many unique templates are required, how pages will connect with one another, and which pages will be CMS-driven.

User Flow

Taking insight from the User Personas we will plot the flow of these users as they traverse through the new site, assessing which pages they are likely to land on and where they go next.


Prototyping web page layouts as wireframes will ensure we consider the user journey from all possible starting points, enable us to work out an ideal navigational hierarchy and decide which messaging and imagery needs to be prioritised and made instantly visible on each page.


Once the Wireframes have been completed and agreed the user interface design stage can start, and we’ll move on to designing in Webflow.


ux & ui faq

What is a wireframe?

Wireframes are skeletal representations of web pages used to plan the structure and functionality of a new website before any creative work is started.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is produced before any development work begins; it details the layout of a website, Pages are depicted in outline form and set out in hierarchical order, providing a pagination blueprint. At BOOST, we use the online tool within FlowMap to create dynamic, interactive sitemaps we can share with our clients.

What are user personas?

User personas are a vital reference point for each stage of web design and development. They usually take the form of hypothetical profiles and set out generic information about each category of audience the website must appeal to. If you don’t already have user profiles, we can help you create them within FlowMap.

What is a mood board?

A mood board is a visual tool used to present the general creative direction of a new website at the outset of the project. The mood board facilitates general discussion and ensures all parties agree and sign off on how the website will look before design work starts in earnest.

What does IA mean?

Short for information architecture, IA defines the structure of a website and how all the component areas relate to each other. The goal of IA is to categorise content clearly and logically and organise it in such a way that users are directed quickly and easily to the information they’re looking for.

What is included in a UX UI service?

At Boost, our UX service will include an initial workshop, before we create a sitemap, user flows and wireframes. Once complete, we move onto creating the UI Design in Adobe XD or Figma.

What is user interface (UI) design?

UI or User Interface Design is when our design team specifically focuses on the look & feel, styling and interactions involved with a digital interface. This is usually a website, but could also be an App, Intranet or other platform.