Will Stogdale joins no-code trailblazers for a virtual panel discussion.

Unleash the power of no code


Will from BOOST joins an incredible line-up of speakers to discuss how agencies can get the most from no and low-code platforms.

The virtual event, 'Unleash the power of no-code,' brings three agency founders together to talk about their experiences across a range of no and low-code platforms. They will share examples of their work and reveal how digital, design, content and branding agencies can add 'no-code' to their existing services and enable their marketing and brand.

"No-code web design is the future of the industry, making website creation accessible and efficient for everyone in 2023 with improved integrations, advanced design options, greater mobile accessibility and enhanced collaboration capabilities."

BOOST is a champion of no-code, having developed websites on Webflow for the past 3.5 years for the likes of Tradeteq, Academic Apeakers Bureau, and TFDI

Will, will be bringing all this experience to the discussion with other leaders in their field.

Hannah Springett, the founder of HLabs, works across a range of no and low-code platforms to produce interactive stories, branded content, and editorial for the likes of Red Bull, Conde Nast, Hearst and Time Out, as well as acting as a no-code digital design partner to several agencies.

Krishna Solanki, founder and creative director of Krishna Solanki Designs (KSD), an award-winning brand and Squarespace website design agency. We specialise in building digital brands for SMEs and agencies.

The panel event will be hosted by Claire Hutchings, founder of Chime Agency, a marketing agency for agencies and consultancies that want to turn up the volume on their own brand communications.

You can sign-up for the free webinar now via the registration page here: Unleash the power of no-code

If you can't join us on 23rd Feb but would like to receive a session recording, please register your details above.


January 24, 2023