Webflow Design & Development London


BOOST is a leading UK Webflow Expert agency and is proud to be a certified Webflow Professional Partner. We're at the forefront of the growing low-code movement, and we've already established a significant presence in London, making a name for ourselves in the tech space by working with some of the world's most innovative brands – and within the Webflow community, by running the Webflow London Chapter.

what is webflow?

Webflow is a revolutionary platform that's transforming web development by enabling designers and developers to work in a completely visual environment with no coding, Webflow Experts like BOOST can use Webflow to create, build and launch websites that outperform those built on traditional platforms such as WordPress.

Harnessing the power and flexibility of Webflow, BOOST will create a visually stunning, function-rich website for your brand. Our Webflow experts will design and develop a Webflow website that will be simple to manage in-house, effortlessly drive all your sales and marketing activities – and empower you and your team to take control!

Why do we use Webflow at BOOST?

At BOOST, we've chosen to specialise in Webflow because of the benefits it delivers to our clients. By developing your marketing website in Webflow, we empower your internal marketing or design team to have complete control of your most important marketing asset. In addition, your Webflow website can easily be managed and updated using your existing resources, saving you the expense of outsourcing and enabling you to be more responsive than your competitors.

Why are UX & UI design important?

Incorporating UX and UI design into the development process will ensure your project is not just a stunning-looking digital product – but will be effective in achieving the objectives you set. The UX stage will produce a blueprint to guide us when we begin building the website.

It will set out details, including the pagination structure, how users are to be directed and flow around the site, and the key actions you want users to take at each point on their journey (for example, sign-up to a newsletter, download a PDF, complete an automated email enquiry form or get in touch by phone).

The UI stage will make sure all aspects of the visual design move users naturally towards the actions you want them to take.

Who do we build websites for?

Tech | SaaS | Marketing | Fintech | Blockchain | Start-ups


Web Design Process


We kickstart your project with a discovery workshop. This is your opportunity to meet the BOOST team and get an understanding of how our Webflow design process works. We'll want to get under the skin of your brand, find out about your marketplace, your target audience, objectives and key competitors. If you have an existing website, we'll want to get an in-depth understanding of how it's performing.

design inspiration

Having digested and processed the information gleaned in the discovery workshop, we'll begin to consider design. To help us establish the overall creative direction, we'll present you with three alternative design approaches in the form of 'stylescapes'. You may not be sure how far you want to push boundaries in terms of design, but producing three different concepts will stimulate discussion and inspire consensus on the way forward.

ui design

Taking account of everything we've learned, we'll produce a design for the homepage of your new website for feedback and further iteration if required. Once the homepage design has been approved, we'll apply the styling to the remaining page templates.


Webflow Process


We begin the development phase by creating a Style Guide that allows our team to set up the CSS and develop the most-used components in the project first. Once this has been completed, we begin developing the homepage before moving on to the other unique page layouts and templates.

cms collections

Depending on the scope of the project, we will build out Collections within Webflow's CMS. Collections are the perfect place to hold similar content types such as team bios, blog articles, case studies, white papers and so on. Webflow's easy to use CMS allows for optimum control of your website with an intuitive Editor.

interactions & animations

To add further impact and interest for visitors, we'll enhance your website by introducing dynamic movement when the site is scrolled and subtle interactions when a cursor is moved over key areas.


when you have approved the Webflow staging site (Webflow.io), we'll transfer the project to your own Webflow account. We'll help you add the most appropriate Site Plan and connect the website to your domain using your Domain Control Panel. BOOST also provides Loom videos so you can share knowledge amongst your colleagues.


Once all final checks have been completed, we'll launch your new website. Now your team is empowered and you have total control of your marketing, prepare to take your digital brand to the next level!


webflow faq

Do you work with any other CMS platforms?

As Webflow Professional Partners and London Chapter leaders we are a Webflow exclusive agency.

Do you offer maintenance packages?

We offer hourly blocks of time (10, 20 & 30 hours) for consultancy or creative work that can be bought in advance and rolled over from month to month with no expiry date.

What is your handover process like?

Once the Webflow site has been approved, we will transfer the site into your own Webflow account and instruct you on the correct Site Plan to set up.

How long does it take to complete a Webflow project?

Broadly speaking a Webflow website takes between 8-12 weeks to create, depending on the complexity of the project, and the amount of time taken in the UX and UI Design process. Typically, it is the provision of content that slows down momentum, which is why we would always recommend using an experienced copywriter.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a competitor to traditional website platforms such as WordPress, and offers the most intuitive CMS experience for marketing teams or marketing professionals.

Where is your Webflow Agency based?

Boost is based in London, with a growing team of creative experts working remotely across the globe.

Is Webflow Good For SEO?

Webflow prioritises clean code, meaning that search engines can easily scan Webflow websites to understand the content and rank indexed pages accordingly.

What Integrates With Webflow?

Webflow integrates with a plethora of tools and services to enhance the website experience. More information can be found here - https://university.webflow.com/integrations.

How Does Webflow Pricing Work?

We price our projects based on the number of unique page templates that need designing, the scale and technical complexity of the site, and how many CMS Collections are required based upon the amount of content to be migrated or created.

Why should I choose a Webflow site?

Opting to have your new website created in Webflow benefits your brand, your team and your clients. The platform's completely visual, no code nature allows for unlimited creativity, and once it's set up, your Webflow website can easily be managed and updated in-house. Not having to use professional developers means you save time and money and can react more quickly than your competitors.

What are Stylescapes?

In Web Design, stylescapes are used to help convey the look and feel of a proposed creative approach by presenting a collation of colours, images, typography and other design elements for discussion. At Boost, we always present our clients with 3 design direction options (mild, medium and spicy).