Our SEO services experts can design a bespoke, organic strategy to boost your online visibility and drive more high-quality, targeted traffic to your website. SEO will transform the performance of your website and vastly increase the volume of quality leads and sales it generates for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is integral to the services BOOST provides as a leading web design agency. From established international brands to emerging start-ups, we support a wide range of clients with strategic SEO optimisation services.  

what is seo?

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO for short – is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic that’s directed to a website from search engines. SEO focuses specifically on generating traffic organically (or naturally) rather than through paid-for activities.

Using a SEO strategy to help your main keywords rank high with the search engines will deliver a wide range of benefits to your business, including:

  • Raised brand awareness
  • Higher volume of leads and sales
  • Improved lead-to-sale conversion ratio
  • Increased return on investment and business growth

Why should you invest in SEO?

According to a recent study, an average of 5.6 billion online searches are made globally every day. Put another way, that’s a staggering 3.8 million searches per minute! These huge numbers clearly demonstrate why you need to make SEO a component of any digital marketing activity focused on generating more sales leads, improving conversion ratios and optimising return on investment.

Why are UX & UI design important?

Incorporating UX and UI design into the development process will ensure your project is not just a stunning-looking digital product – but will be effective in achieving the objectives you set. The UX stage will produce a blueprint to guide us when we begin building the website.

It will set out details, including the pagination structure, how users are to be directed and flow around the site, and the key actions you want users to take at each point on their journey (for example, sign-up to a newsletter, download a PDF, complete an automated email enquiry form or get in touch by phone).

The UI stage will make sure all aspects of the visual design move users naturally towards the actions you want them to take.

Who do we do SEO work for?

Tech | SaaS | Marketing | Fintech | Blockchain | Start-ups


SEO Campaign Process

Every SEO campaign we create at BOOST is unique. Taking account of your objectives and your budget, we’ll propose a SEO strategy that’s tailored to meet all your requirements and designed to bring about the results you want. All BOOST SEO campaigns follow our proven process:

Competitor research

The foundation stone for any successful SEO campaign is extensive competitor research. Conducting in-depth investigations to discover how your key competitors are using SEO will help us to understand:

  • Which of your competitors dominate the search engine results pages we want to target and why
  • Which keywords your competitors are targeting
  • The off-site strategy
  • The type of content that will drive traffic and conversions

The foundation stone for any successful SEO campaign is extensive competitor research. Conducting in-depth investigations to discover how your key competitors are using SEO will help us to understand:

Keyword research

We’ll research the keywords and phrases your prospective clients are most likely to put into a search engine (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex) when they search online for your service or product.

Using a data-led approach, we’ll qualify keywords based on four key factors:

  • Which of your competitors dominate the search engine results pages we want to target and why
  • Which keywords your competitors are targeting
  • The off-site strategy
  • The type of content that will drive traffic and conversions

At the end of this stage of the process, we’ll have a set of powerful, fully-qualified keywords and phrases we can employ to drive your SEO campaign, and we’ll monitor the performance of each of them on an ongoing basis for the duration of the activity.

SEO audit

We’ll undertake a comprehensive audit of your website, checking everything is in place for you to get optimum results from your SEO campaign. We’ll identify any issues that are likely to restrict performance and recommend improvements where necessary.

Critical areas our audit will address include:

  • Backlinks profile
  • Domain and page authority
  • On-page SEO elements
  • Content review
  • Technical SEO
  • Page speed
  • Core web vitals
  • Indexation errors
  • Existing keywords overview

Technical SEO

To ensure the search engines are able to easily crawl and index your website, we’ll implement a range of technical SEO actions. Resolving any issues will ensure your web pages are easily accessible and help improve the ranking of your website.

  • XML sitemap optimisation
  • Canonicalisation fixes
  • Robots TXT creation and optimisation
  • Mobile SEO
  • Crawl errors
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Page speed analysis and optimisation
  • 404 errors
  • Implementation of 301 redirects

Tools setup

We’ll help set up essential tools that will enable you to monitor the impact of your SEO campaign on your website. Using these tools, you’ll be able to get an instant, real-time overview of performance and drill down for more detailed insights.

We’ll set up the following tools:

  • Search Console
  • Bing WebMaster
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics goals
  • Google Tag Manager

Local SEO – Google My Business

Whether you’re a local business or a large organisation, with 46% of all search engine queries worldwide having a local intent, not optimising for local SEO is a missed opportunity. BOOST can help you rank high in local searches by harnessing the power of Google My Business (also referred to as GMB), which is crucial to establishing a local SEO strategy.

Google My Business setup

The first step is to set up a Google My Business listing for your website. We’ll help you do this and guide you through the verification process.

Google My Business optimisation

After assisting you in setting up and verifying your GMB listing, we’ll optimise your profile following best-practise guidelines, so you’ll be able to leverage the full power of Google My Business.

Citation audit

Citations continue to play an essential role in SEO, particularly for local businesses and businesses with websites lacking domain authority. Citations send trust signals to search engines, which can help significantly with local SEO efforts. Before we begin the citation building process, we’ll scan your website for potential issues with existing citations and rectify any errors in your business details.

Citation building

Our next step will be to build new citations for your website. We’ll list your business in all the major business directories. In addition, we’ll identify any relevant, niche websites where indexing your business may benefit our SEO efforts.

On-page SEO

Ensuring each page on your website is optimised to rank high in the search engines will be critical to the success of your SEO campaign. We’ll review each web page in detail, making adjustments where necessary to improve the overall organic performance of your website.

Areas we’ll review on each of your web pages will include:

  • Metadata optimisation
  • Heading optimisation
  • Internal linking optimisation
  • Internal anchor text optimisation
  • Alt text optimisation
  • Image optimisation
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Duplicate content

Content optimisation

Our expert SEO consultants can review the written content on your website and, using our initial in-depth research, recommend adjustments that will boost its organic performance in the search engines. Our actions will include:

  • Optimising your existing written content
  • Proposing SEO-friendly blog ideas relevant to your industry based on our keyword research
  • Identifying blog topic areas where your website may be lacking in comparison to your competitors
  • Recommending SEO-friendly FAQs
  • Finding content silos to increase relevance

If you utilise your in-house resources to optimise your written content, our SEO team will be on hand to advise you on best practices. However, if you don’t have the time or skills within your organisation to take this on, BOOST has access to a network of trusted, professional copywriting experts who can create SEO-friendly content for you!

Link building

When other websites link back to your website, this ‘off-site’ SEO activity has a direct influence on your organic rankings in the search engines. Building backlinks from websites that are authoritative and relevant to your sector can have a huge and positive impact on your organic rankings.

Our SEO experts can help you develop an effective link building strategy, advising and supporting you on how to:

  • Reclaim existing broken backlinks
  • Find relevant guest blog opportunities
  • Promote online press releases
  • Identify easy-to-achieve opportunities based on our competitor research

BOOST your SEO performance

Your website is one of your most valuable assets, central to your business and a crucial gateway for new clients to discover and engage with you. But for your website to deliver the leads and sales you need, it must first be found by your target audience. SEO helps drive free, high-quality, targeted traffic to your website from the search engines. An essential part of any marketing campaign, SEO allows you to track, analyse and refine activity in real-time for optimum results.


SEO faq

Do you provide affordable SEO packages?

Our SEO packages start from a price of £1000.

Do you provide keyword research?

Yes, keyword research is an integral part of our SEO service.

Do you provide SEO audits too?

All of our SEO campaigns start with an SEO audit to evaluate the organic performance of your website, the main issues and what can be improved. We also provide ad-hoc SEO audits for our clients.

Where is your SEO agency based?

Our SEO agency is based in London. However, since the COVID pandemic, we decided to go completely remote. Members of the team are based in the UK, Greece, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and the US.

Will you help us with a content optimisation strategy?

Yes, we can provide you with a content brief that explains how to write content with SEO in mind.

Do you offer technical SEO services?

Yes we offer technical SEO services.