BOOST Design Earns a Perfect Score On Our Newest Clutch Review

Will Stogdale
Will Stogdale
January 14, 2022

It’s always a good day when we get a positive review on our Clutch profile. It’s an even better day when the client grades us with a perfect score of five on every metric of the review’s criteria. This is exactly what our latest review gave us to close the year on a high note.

We are currently maintaining a high score average on our reviews which validates our team’s expertise. We don’t take this great position of ours for granted and always remember to put in the effort to ensure we always meet these high standards.

The client was a recruitment company that prided themselves on making the best matches between employers and candidates. They wanted to develop a website that reflected their skills and engaged with us for the job.

We took a rather personal approach to this target, frequently talking with the client about what they wanted and always kept them involved throughout the project. We were able to complete the entire project within six weeks. Now the client is reporting that they’re getting great reviews from their customers regarding the website.

This was a great result for our client and is exactly the kind of impression we want to make with everyone that wants to partner with us. We believe that feedback is always good regardless of the actual content because they are all opportunities to learn.

However, this particular review allowed us to be recognised as one of the top 100 web design companies by Top Design Firms. This additional piece of recognition is another piece of good news that we were not expecting as we closed our chapter on 2021.

It highlights how important and effective these reviews are for every kind of business and we plan to rely even more on them as we enter the new year. Our team will renew its dedication to ensuring all of our projects work towards the real betterment of our clients. Because it’s only when we’ve made a positive impact on the people we work with can it be called a job well done.

If you’re looking for a team that has your best interests in mind, then we’re the partner for you. Learn more about the services we offer by exploring our website. You can also contact our team directly so we can discuss the best way to move forward with the project.